A Czech bohemian in Paris

Viktor Oliva (1861-1928)  is one of the very few artists (or indeed, individuals) who can lay claim to being Bohemian by birth, in that he was actually born in Nové Strašecí, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary. Take that, 21st century hipsters.

Having traveled to Paris in 1888 to become part of the art movement and “Bohemian Parisian” community there, Oliva doubled down on his credibility as a true Bohemian artist, and then, while developing a passion for hot air ballooning, of all things, he pulled off a hat trick by painting Absinthe Drinker, a beautiful work of hallucinogenic beauty that undoubtedly fueled the myth that absinthe was a magical elixir that granted superhuman powers of artistic skill. I challenge anyone reading this post to down a couple glasses of absinthe and paint anything half as intriguing as this timeless work of art. If you do indeed manage to pull it off, by all means, please contact me immediately.

Adding to Oliva’s reputation is that fact that he had a favorite place in which to drink (Café Slavia), in which he had a number of works displayed. His Absinthe Drinker still hangs inside of that cafe to this day, and I cannot possibly express how much I love that fact. At present, there is no word on whether or not the ghostly green figure ever makes an appearance, but I hope to visit this undoubtedly fine establishment someday myself to find out for certain.


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